G-Day and Beyond

The following information will help you to get up to speed and find your way around Google Apps on day one beyond.

  Login to your Google Apps account
From 7am on Monday 17 December, to login to your Google Apps account, simple open any web browser (Firefox is recommended on University PCs) visit one of the following URLs (or click on the links below):
You will need to enter your University email address - @port.ac.uk is not required - and your standard University network password.
View Quick Start Guides
Mail Quick Start Guide

Calendar Quick Start Guide
These quick reference guides provide essential information such as how to access Mail and Calendar, how to compose emails and create appointments, and more.
Work through the Post-migration Checklist
Post-migration Checklist (view online)

Post-migration Checklist (download pdf)
The Post-migration Checklist provides instructions on how to complete all of the necessary steps after moving to Google Apps.
Migrate your GroupWise Archive
How to Migrate GroupWise Archives to Google Apps
From 17th December, follow the instructions within this guide to move all of your archived GroupWise emails into Google Apps.
Start Organising Your Mail

Managing your Inbox: Google Apps Mail Tips and Tricks

(Short clips - 1 hour total) Go beyond the basics to learn strategies for using labels, filters, archiving, and Google search to manage your inbox.

View Advanced Guides
Mail Advanced Guide
  • Setting up delegated Mail
  • Common Mail tasks
  • Tips for improving efficiency
Calendar Advanced Guide
  • Setting up a shared calendar
  • Managing events on behalf someone else
  • Scheduling meeting rooms
  • Updating event details
Set up Google Apps Mail delegation Video (2 min): Learn how to set up Google Apps Mail so you can manage a colleagues' Inbox and send mail on their behalf.
Set up Google Calendar delegation Video (4:20 min): Learn how to set up Google Calendar so you can manage a colleagues' calendar, creating meetings and responding to invitations on their behalf.
View Self-Help Guides

Click here to view self-help guides on a number of common Google Apps subjects.

Setup your mobile device

Click here to view instructions on configuring your mobile device to access Google Apps.

Service Desk:

On campus:
ext. 7777
Off campus:
02392 84 7777