Project Timeline

17th September : Data Migration Begins

Due to the huge amount of  email, calendar and contact data that needs to be copied over to Google Apps before staff begin using it, the migration of data will start on 17th September. This will not impact your use of GroupWise, however please be aware that any emails or folders that you delete after this date may still appear when you first login to Google Apps. In no case will emails be lost.

For full information about what will be migrated to Google Apps, view the Migration Information document.

19th November : Complete the Pre-migration Checklist

Prior to moving to Google Apps, there are a number of tasks that all members of staff are recommended to complete in order to make the transition as smooth as possible. Details of these tasks and instructions on how to complete them can be found in the Pre-migration Checklist.

This checklist must be completed before 17th December.

28th November : Staff Briefings Begin

In the three weeks leading up to G-Day, large-scale briefings will be available to all members of staff. The briefing sessions last for around 45 minutes, and are designed to provide staff with a short demonstration of the Google Apps service, as well as answering some common questions.

Briefings are not bookable; for information on dates and times, view the Events page.

3rd December : Drop-in Centres Begin

Shortly before G-Day, drop-in centres will be run around the campus to give staff an opportunity to get a feel for the Google Apps service and ask any questions they might have to our Google Apps Experts.

Drop-in Centres are not bookable; for information on dates and times, view the Events page.

15th / 16th December: Weekend before G-Day

We are pleased to confirm that there will be no disruption to the GroupWise service during this weekend.

17th December : G-Day


At 7am on Monday 17th December, all members of staff will begin using Google Apps to manage their email and calendar. Access to GroupWise via Webmail, mobile devices, and 3rd party clients will be disabled.

On G-Day you may notice a small percentage of emails are delivered more slowly than usual, until the transition to Google Apps is completed at around 4pm.

At 4pm, the transition to Google Apps will be complete. 100% of emails will be delivered directly to Google Apps without any delay.

All Day
On G-Day, Information Services staff will be available all around the campus to provide face-to-face assistance, and User Champions for your business area will also be available to provide help.

Click here to find contact details of your Google Apps User Champion(s).

18th January 2013: GroupWise Access Disabled

Between G-Day and 18th January 2013, GroupWise will continue to be available on a 'read only' basis. You'll be able to view and delete emails, but will not be able to send or receive anything in GroupWise.

At the end of day on 18th January 2013, access to GroupWise will be removed entirely.

Service Desk:

On campus:
ext. 7777
Off campus:
02392 84 7777